Increasing Customer (or Donor) Conversion Rates: a Series of “How To” Content

MSP Digital Marketing is proud to announce the launch of a series of eBooks and Infographics that focus on describing how you can change your marketing strategies and tactics to be more effective in our new cross-media world.

These eBooks and Infographics will be released on our blogs and various social media platforms over the next several months. Our first eBook is targeted to the fund raising industry and is entitled Strategic Cross Media Marketing Plans for Fund Raising in a Changed Media World: The Science of Increasing Donor Conversion Rates. Highlights include:

  • What the changed world of communications means to you
  • What your new opportunities are
  • What you can do to increase your rates of returns and lower the cost per donation
  • Why you’ll need to develop new strategies
  • Why tactics from the past no longer work in this changed world

You can download this e-book here by clicking this hyperlink:

In addition to the fund raising industry, we will be developing content geared towards business-to-business marketing, consumer marketing and a variety of not-for-profit concerns.

Our next eBook is entitled “Lead Generation in a Changed Media World,” and will be completed and ready for distribution by mid-May.  Additional titles in development include:

  • The 4 Basics of Augmented Fundraising Today
  • Strategic Cross Media Marketing Plans
  • Online Marketing Plans for Fundraising
  • Integrated Marketing and What it Means to Your Customer Acquisition Strategies for the Future

We’re also producing implementation checklists for “Integrated Cross Media Marketing” as well as “Executive Retreat Guides” as an aid for senior management in re-thinking strategic and tactical issues.

Everything has changed, new thinking is required!