As business customers and consumers continue to embrace new digital marketing and media technologies, MSP Digital Marketing can help manage all of your digital and traditional communications efforts:

Strategic Development

Integrate digital media (web, social, e, mobile) with traditional media and “interactive marketing capabilities” for increased levels of customer and prospect engagements.

multi_channel_remoteMulti-Channel Campaign Execution

Cross media production and implementation services (print/mail, e, social, mobile, signage, events, web and mass media advertising) combined with multi-touch marketing automation services.

Mobile Publishing

Transform your marketing communications, publications, and documents into engaging user experiences. Integrate print with rich media, creating interactive communications accessible via a branded customized app and viewable on tablets, smartphones, and online.

Social Media

Develop and implement a social media marketing plan with dynamic landing pages to facilitate acquisition, engagement, retention and conversion opportunities.

Production, Mailing & Fulfillment

Complete end-to-end capabilties including digital one-to-one print production, finishing, and mailing/fulfillment services.

Online Collateral Services

Drive on-demand collateral production and eliminate waste by ordering your customer-branded printed materials and promotional items through a browser based fulfillment portal, which shortens lead times and eliminates waste.

Symbol Predictive modelingPredictive Modeling

Identify your best opportunities and deliver higher rates of segmented messaging to reduce costs of acquisition and increase response rates.

List Procurement

Acquire and utilize mail lists that meet your ideal prospect profile and get the benefit of list hygiene and CASStm certified postal pre-sorts to reduce non-deliverable addresses and mailing costs. Append missing information to existing client mail lists to provide better targeted, more personalized marketing communications.

Creative Services

We effectively translate your existing static marketing communications and collateral into highly targeted and personalized digital communications.

Response Measurement & Analysis

Stay in touch with all aspects of your campaigns through real-time capture and analysis. Give yourself the ability to better understand which campaigns and media types are performing the best. Download new marketing response and activity data into your pre-existing systems.

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