Turn – The Rise of the New Marketing Organization REPORT of January 2015


For the third year, Turn and Forbes Insights have partnered to survey marketers on their perceptions on a topic of significant relevance to the advertising industry.

For marketers, the digitization of business has opened up a new world. No longer are they forced to launch campaigns while blindly relying on gut instinct and hoping for the best. Marketing and advertising campaigns that succeed do so by integrating a range of intelligent approaches to identify customers, segment, measure results, analyze data and build upon feedback in real time.

Data-driven marketing doesn’t happen in isolation or solely within one section of the marketing department. Data-driven marketing is an enterprise-wide effort that requires data, expertise and innovative thinking from many parts of the enterprise. Successful initiatives require a corporate culture that is agile and open to learning, guided by technology. In addition, data-driven marketing leaders incorporate data analytics as early as possible into the campaign process to achieve the best results. For most of the companies leading in this practice, there is also tight integration between organizations’ overall digital initiatives— adoption of big data, cloud, social and mobile—and marketing campaigns.