Successful business marketing needs to match a product’s unique benefits to a clearly defined target. MSP’s digital platform is the perfect solution for reaching this audience with a highly targeted and personal message that result in higher response rates and ROI.

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Create an effective direct marketing campaign to secure new customers by using relevant personalized and versioned direct mail piece directing recipient to a personalized web survey (pURL).


Check out how Jarvis used personalization and relevancy in their direct marketing program to drive trade show attendance.


Looking for creative ways to connect and engage with your audience?

XM Pie MSP Digital

MSP Digital provides customized, cross-media communications that help customers increase revenue and profits. Services include branded Web sites, direct mail, and on-demand production and distribution of business documents.

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When you choose MSP as your digital marketing services partner, the customers are where you want them, the cross-media options are virtually endless, and the level of personal support is unparalleled.

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